Hire screened, prequalified caregivers fast​


Offering assistance with activities of daily living, from errands to non-medical personal care.


Care that provides valuable social benefit, decreasing isolation and improving mood.


Assisting with all household chores including errands running, pet walking and pet care.


Higher-level medical and personal care, and therapy provided by skilled caregiver.

Why hire caregivers from bebbli

When you hire caregivers from bebbli, you save yourself of the hassles of finding qualified candidates as well as the hiring expense. You can hire caregivers on a contract basis and avoid all employment expenses. In addition, caregivers registered on bebbli to provide services have gone through all the following.

Criminal Background verification

Bebbli caregivers go through criminal background screening and they are required to meet certain requirements.

Driving History and Records verification

Caregivers go through driving history check and are required to meet certain requirements to be qualified as a caregiver who can drive. Those that don’t meet the requirements, will not be allowed to accept any service that require driving

Personal Identity verifications

Caregivers go through identity verification to ensure ID is valid and current, and to confirm the holder the rightful owner of the ID.

Employment Authorization verification

To ensure compliance, caregivers are required to go through self-verification to confirm employment authorization.

Health Care License and Certifications verification

Caregivers are required to provide a verifiable copy of their Home Health Aide, Certified Nursing Assistant, and CPR certifications.

Home Health Aide Professional Liability Coverage

All caregivers are required to carry profession liability insurance to protect themselves and the families they work for.

Precautious by nature

Bebbli takes extra precautions to ensure caregivers are compliant at all time

  • Daily COVID-19 questionnaire for all caregiver using bebbli app.
  • Annual background screening rerun
  • Monitoring of documentations and credentials expiration

Know who is working (Coming soon)

When caregivers are on the job, you can see them at the client's location and can know when the depart the client’s location.

Access to caregivers’ documentations

When reviewing interviewed candidates for final decision you can request caregiver’s credentials for review

  • Criminal Background Screening Report
  • Driving Record Report
  • Copy of CNA, CPR and HHA Certifications
  • Copy of Drivers License/State ID/US Passport
  • Work Authorization Proof
  • Employment History
  • Copy of personal General Liability Insurance
  • Copy of Auto Insurance
  • Copy of Identity Verification Result

Why use bebbli platform

Access to prequalified caregivers nationally

The platform is available in a all states and more than 2000 cities.

Reduce cost and control spending

With bebbli you don’t have to worry about recruiting cost and employment cost.

Access to respite caregivers

Through bebbli you have access to respite caregivers to provide relief for your primary caregivers when they need to take off or when you need a caregiver for backfill.

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